How to make a stylish CD cover from a blank A4 paper?

A case, or cover, for your CD is very essential to not just protect it from scratches and dust, but to also give it a distinctive (and attractive) look while ensuring its effective storage. So, in case if you don’t have a jewel case (or any other cover) for your CD (or DVD), you must know how to make it yourself. And in this node, I would tell you how to easily make an attractive CD cover from a blank A4 paper.

Making a stylish CD cover from an A4 paper

Its super easy to make a proper, and attractive, CD cover from just an A4 piece of paper. All you have to do is to follow the steps given below:

1.  Go to the official website of RonyaSoft CD Cover Maker (or just google ‘RonyaSoft’). Now, look out for ‘CD DVD Label Maker’ and click on ‘download’ link to start downloading the software.

RonyaSoft CD cover maker using an A4 paper

2. Now, install the software and run it on your computer. To create a new project, press Ctrl+N (or go to File >> New) and click on ‘Start from a template’ (as shown in the image below). Now, select the option to create a new ‘Origami CD cover’.

Create a CD cover using a blank A4 page

3. Now, click on the title (or content) to edit it. Clicking on it will open a new option menu on the right side (as shown in the pic below), which allows you edit the formatting (changing the font size, type, color, style, alignment and much more). You can also edit the track list or select the own image for the cover.

Create a CD cover using Ronyasoft

4. Now, click Ctrl+P to print the cover on your printer. Now, turn the page (carrying the printout) down and assemble the cover by simply folding the cover in the following order:

  • Fold the left and right side inside;
  • Now, fold the bottom side and insert your disk in it (you don’t need to attach the bottom side with any cell tape).
  • After this, fold the top corners down (along the marked line) and fold the top side down. Now, insert the top part of the cover in the bottom part.

And, thats it. Your CD (or DVD) cover is ready to use.

I just found a video, on Youtube, that shows how to create a CD cover using the same software (but an older version). Anyhow, here’s the video:

I am sure the above video will be of great help to you guys. I wish I had found it earlier. A few days ago, I made some CD covers for my friend (and without this video, it was a tedious task).